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Sex Crimes

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When accused of a sex crime, it is not only traumatic but can also be alienating. Even though innocent until proven guilty is guaranteed in the US constitution, a sex crime accusation can be life changing outside the court. No matter the outcome of the case, being accused of a sex crime can damage your reputation irreparably. You need sex crime defense experts on your side to help you set things right. Our lawyers at Lee Novak Attorney at Law will listen to the details of your case objectively and sympathetically. We will then use our extensive defense experience to advocate in your defense. We will work vigorously for your rights. Let us help you. Contact us today! 


Fighting a sex crime accusation is a long, hard battle involving many steps. When working with Lee Novak Attorney at Law, you will, of course, get a top-notch defense attorney, but you’ll get much more. We will give you a professional analysis of your case so you will know where you legally stand. We’ll also support you with document processing, petition filings, settlement negotiation as well as court room defense and litigation. Don’t trust your reputation and freedom to just anyone. Call us today and we will set-up a confidential consolation and then partner you with the best lawyer to fight for you. We offer flexible and affordable payment options. Let us help!
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